Breakpoints Panel - Common Tasks

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

The Breakpoints panel allows you to set and manage breakpoints in all scripts and keyword tests of the current project suite.

Creating Breakpoints

Typically, you set breakpoints from the Code Editor and Keyword Test editor. From the Breakpoints panel you can set a breakpoint on the first line of a script routine. To do this:

  • Right-click somewhere within the panel and choose Add Breakpoint by Routine from the context menu.

  • Use the subsequent Add Breakpoint dialog to specify the desired routine and the breakpoint attributes (condition, pass count and other).

  • Press OK to close the dialog and to create the breakpoint. TestComplete will set the breakpoint at the first executed line of the routine.

For information on how to create breakpoints in script code and keyword tests, see Using Breakpoints.

Modifying Breakpoints

Simply select the desired breakpoint in the panel and then edit the values in the panel columns.

Enabling Breakpoints

To disable or enable breakpoints in the panel, simply select or clear the Enabled check box for the desired breakpoint. The point of disabling a breakpoint is that you can keep its definition, even though you temporarily halt its execution.

Deleting Breakpoints

To delete a breakpoint, do the following:

  • Select the desired breakpoint(s) in the panel (you can use Ctrl- or Shift-click for multiselection).

  • Right-click the selected breakpoint and choose  Delete from the context menu.

You can also delete a breakpoint by clicking it in the Code Editor’s gutter or in the indicator area of the Keyword Test editor.

Jumping to the Breakpoint Line or Operation

To move to the source line or operation, on which the breakpoint is set:

  • Double-click on the breakpoint in the panel.

-- or --

  • Right-click on the desired breakpoint in the panel and select  Show Source from the context menu.

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