Web Accessibility Checkpoints

Applies to TestComplete 15.51, last modified on May 31, 2023
Web Accessibility checkpoints are deprecated. We do not recommend using them. Use Web Audits checkpoints instead.

Web accessibility checkpoints enable you to check that a web page and frames are accessible and conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508 standards.

Web testing as well as creating web accessibility checkpoints is available only if you have a license for the TestComplete Web module.

The following topics provide information on web accessibility checkpoints in TestComplete:

In This Section

About Web Accessibility Checkpoints

Provides general information on web accessibility checkpoints.

Creating Web Accessibility Checkpoints

Describes how to create web accessibility checkpoints in keyword tests and script code.

Web Accessibility Checkpoint Settings

Provides information about the parameters the web accessibility checkpoints check.

Related Topics of Interest

About Web Comparison Checkpoints

Describes Web Comparison checkpoints that let you verify the web page contents or the tag structure.

Web Testing - Examples

Contains information on working with web page elements and performing various verification actions over web pages.


TestComplete includes a sample project that demonstrates how to create web accessibility checkpoints:

<TestComplete Samples>\Web\Checkpoints\Web Accessibility

Note: If you do not have the sample, download the TestComplete Samples installation package from the support.smartbear.com/testcomplete/downloads/samples page of our website and run it.

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