Supported Controls

Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023

Using TestComplete table checkpoints, you can verify data in the following controls:

Supported Controls
  • Standard Windows list view, list box and combo box controls
  • .NET DataGrid, DataGridView and PropertyGrid
  • WPF DataGrid, ListView, ListBox and ComboBox
  • Borland TDBGrid and TStringGrid
  • Developer Express controls:
    • .NET XtraGrid, XtraVerticalGrid, ListBoxControl, CheckedListBoxControl, ImageListBoxControl, ComboBoxEdit, ImageComboBoxEdit, MRUEdit, FontEdit and RadioGroup
    • WPF DXGrid
    • VCL QuantumGrid (TcxGrid), ExpressVerticalGrid (TcxVerticalGrid), ExpressQuantumTreeList (TcxTreeList) and TcxCheckListBox
  • Infragistics controls:
    • .NET UltraGrid and UltraListView
    • WPF xamDataGrid
  • Janus GridEX
  • Java Swing JTable, JList and JComboBox
  • JavaFX ListView, JavaFX TableView
  • MFC PropertyGrid and CGridCtrl
  • Qt QTableWidget, QListWidget, QComboBox and QFontComboBox
  • Rogue Wave Stingray Objective Grid (.NET) and Rogue Wave Stingray Objective Grid (C++)
  • SAP GUI GridView
  • Syncfusion GridControl, GridGroupingControl, ScheduleGrid, ComboBoxAdv and ComboBoxBase
  • Telerik WinForms RadComboBox, RadListBox, RadMultiColumnComboBox and RadGridView
  • TMS AdvStringGrid
  • Xceed Grid for .NET
  • Silverlight DataGrid, ListBox and ComboBox
  • DevExpress ASP.NET ASPxComboBox and ASPxListBox
  • Flash ComboBox, List and TileList
  • Flex DataGrid, ComboBox, List, PopUpButton, DropDownList (both MX and Spark components)
  • Infragistics ASP.NET WebDataGrid and WebCombo
  • jQuery Mobile Selectmenu, jQuery Mobile Selectmultiplemenu
  • Telerik controls:
    • ASP.NET RadComboBox
    • Silverlight RadGridView
  • XUL controls:
    • XULListBox
    • XULMenuList
  • YUI controls:
    • YUI 2 DataTable
    • YUI 2 ButtonGroup
    • YUI 3 DataTable
  • Android GridView
Unsupported controls

If your tested tabular control is not on the list above and is not supported by TestComplete, you can still verify its content. You can extract its data by using optical character recognition. To learn more, see About Optical Character Recognition.

Important Notes
  • To be able to retrieve data from VCL and CLX controls (such as Borland TDBGrid, Borland TStringGrid and Developer Express QuantumGrid (TcxGrid) controls and their descendants), you must compile your application with debug information. Otherwise, TestComplete will not be able to access internal objects, methods and properties of the tested controls. For detailed information on compiling an application with debug information, see Preparing Delphi Applications for Testing and Preparing C++Builder Applications for Testing.

  • By default, Developer Express VCL components for C++Builder are compiled and distributed without debug information. That is, in order for TestComplete to be able to be able retrieve data of these controls, you have to re-compile VCL components for C++Builder with debug information. For information on how to re-compile Developer Express VCL components with debug information, see Preparing Developer Express VCL Components for C++Builder Applications.

  • TestComplete can retrieve data from descendants of the listed controls as well. However, to make this possible you should specify the class name of your inherited control in the corresponding group of the project’s Object Mapping options. For more information, see Object Mapping.

  • The combo box and list box controls are treated as tables that contain one column called Items.

  • Microsoft PropertyGrid controls are treated as tables that have two columns - Label and Value. TestComplete can only retrieve data from top-level PropertyGrid items.

  • TestComplete version 12.42 and earlier treated WPF ListView controls as list box controls that had only one column – Items. TestComplete 12.50 introduces improved support for these controls, so now you can create table checkpoints for them in the same way you do this for other tabular controls. The new functionality is not compatible with the legacy table checkpoints you created for WPF ListView controls. You need to update these controls after migrating your project to TestComplete version 12.50 or later.

  • Some grid controls can display data of multiple nested tables. TestComplete can retrieve data displayed in the main (top-level) table.

  • TestComplete does not support creating table checkpoints and table stores for Infragistics UltraGrid and Syncfusion Essential Grouping Grid controls.

  • TestComplete does not support the DataGridTemplateColumn type of the WPFToolkit DataGrid control, and you cannot get or set values of such columns or create checkpoints and table stores containing template column data. Exclude all template columns from the columns marked to be stored when creating a checkpoint for WPFToolkit DataGrid, otherwise, an error will occur.

  • In order for TestComplete to be able to retrieve and verify data of these controls, plugins that provide support for these controls must be enabled in TestComplete (all required plugins providing support for these controls are installed and enabled automatically, when you install appropriate TestComplete Modules).

    If you experience issues when working with these controls, check whether the required plugin is enabled in the File > Install Extensions dialog.

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