Updating DBTable Elements

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

Elements of the DBTables collections contain data retrieved from specified databases and used for comparison during the tests. You can update data stored by elements replacing them with data retrieved from the database. You can do it from tests or from test logs.

Note: If you need to make some minor changes to stored data, you can do that manually in the DBTable Element editor. You can also modify stored data in tests. For more information on this, see Modifying DBTable Elements.

Updating DBTable Elements in Tests

You can update the contents of DBTable elements by using the Compare and Check methods of the DBTable object or using database checkpoints. Usually these methods and checkpoints are used to compare the database contents against stored values, but they can also replace values stored in the element with values retrieved from the database instead of comparing them.

To activate this behavior, enable the Update DBTable Elements option in the Stores Options dialog. When this option is enabled, the methods and database checkpoints will retrieve data from the database specified by the DBTable element’s connection properties and save the retrieved data to the element.

Updating DBTable Elements From Logs

If a database checkpoint that uses a DBTable element for comparison fails, you can update the data contained in the element from the test log. For information on how to do this, see Updating Database Checkpoints.

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