Image Editor

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

The Image Editor lets you view and specify the image for the form components, for example, the picture displayed by the TImage component or the button glyph. It appears when you press the ellipsis button in the corresponding property cell on the Properties page of the User Forms editor.

The Image editor does not provide actions for editing images, for example, drawing, cropping or resizing them. To edit images, use external editors.

The editor caption holds the name of the component property for which you are specifying the image, for example, “TImage1.Picture”. Buttons on the editor’s toolbar provide actions for manipulating the image.

TestComplete supports the following image formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and ICO (if an ICO file stores several images, TestComplete uploads only one of them - it chooses the largest image with the highest color depth).

There are two ways you can specify an image for the component:

  • Load the image from a file -- press the Load From File button and browse for the desired file.

  • Paste the image from the clipboard -- press the Paste Image from Clipboard button.

To copy the current image to the clipboard (for instance, to paste and then edit in an external image editor), press Copy Image to Clipboard. You can also save the current image to the file. To do that, press the Save to File button and specify the name, format and location of the resulting file.

To clear the current image, press Clear. This will empty the editor so you can specify a new image.

To enlarge or decrease the image scale, use the Zoom slider. You can also use the + and - keys or rotate the mouse wheel while holding the Ctrl key pressed. To restore original image scale, press Zoom Default. To stretch or shrink the image so it fits the whole editor window, press Best Fit.

If the image is large and does not fit the editor window, you can scroll it by dragging the image with the mouse. To enable scrolling, press the Scroll Mode button.

To save the image for the component and close the editor, press OK. To close the editor discarding any changes, press Cancel.

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