Working with Operating System Dialogs and Wizards

Applies to TestComplete 15.43, last modified on September 08, 2022
Information in this topic applies to desktop and web applications.

Task Description

The interface and implementation of standard operating system dialogs and wizards and so on changes from one operating system version to another. If your test interacts with those standard dialogs and wizards, make sure that the tests can recognize them and work with them on any operating system.

Possible Solution

When creating tests that will be run on multiple operating systems, avoid using operating system specific features (unless those features are relevant to your testing purposes). Also, instead of simulating hard-coded user actions on standard dialogs and wizards, use extended methods and properties provided by TestComplete to work with those dialogs to make your test more general.

For example, instead of selecting a file to open in the standard Open File dialog by simulating user actions against dialog navigation panels and buttons, use the OpenFile method.

For more detailed information and examples, see Working With Application Objects and Controls section.

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