Deleting Performance Counters

Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023

TestComplete can track performance parameters of applications under test and display them on the Performance Counters page of the Test Log window in the form of graphs after the test execution is over. This topic explains how to delete performance counters monitored during the test execution.

For information on monitoring the application performance, see Monitoring Tested Application Performance - Basic Concepts. For description of available performance counters, see Counter Reference.

In order for TestComplete to be able to use the counters, the monitored computer should be preconfigured in special way. See Enabling Performance Monitoring for detailed information.

To cancel monitoring of a certain custom counter, follow these steps:

  • Select Tools | Current Project Properties from the TestComplete main menu.

  • Select the Performance Counters category on the left.

  • In the ensuing window, choose the counter you want to delete and click Remove.

If you delete a desired counter from the list, the changes will reflect the test results only after you run the test.

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