Add Counter Wizard - Select Custom Counter Page

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

On this page of the Add Counter wizard, you can select custom performance counters whose data you want to monitor on the Performance Counters page.

TestComplete can obtain performance metrics from Windows and UNIX-based computers, tested applications, as well as from Apache servers. However, to be able to get the performance data, the tested computer should be prepared beforehand. Read the Counter Reference topic.

In the Data Collector combo box, choose which one of resource monitoring data collectors to use. The following data collectors are available: the Windows Performance monitor, the UNIX Rstat monitor and the Apache monitor.

The Counters pane lists all the counters of the specified computer. Depending on the complexity of the chosen monitor, the list may have plain or an expandable tree-view structure. The extended description for the selected counter is shown (if available) in the Description panel.

Select the needed counter and click Next to proceed.

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