TextStyle Property

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Specifies the font style.


Read-Write Property Variant
TcxEditStyleObj     A TcxEditStyle object  


Use the TcxEdit.Style.TextStyle property to get or set the font style of the component’s text. The font style is a combination of style attributes that specify whether the text characters are bold-faced, italicized, underlined, struck through.

Return Value

One of the constants listed in the following table, or their combination:

Constant Description
"fsBold" or 1 A bold-faced font.
"fsItalic" or 2 An italic font.
"fsUnderline" or 4 An underlined font.
"fsStrikeOut" or 8 A strikethrough font.

To assign a combination of integer values to the property, use the bitwise OR operator:

JavaScript, JScript

UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle = 1 | 4;


UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle = 1 | 4


UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle = 1 Or 4


UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle := 1 or 4;

C++Script, C#Script

UserForms["MyForm"]["cxTextEdit1"]["Style"]["TextStyle"] = 1 | 4;

To assign a combination of constant names to the property, separate them by a comma or space and optionally enclose the resulting string in square brackets. For example:

UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.TextStyle = "fsBold,fsUnderline";
UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle = "fsBold fsUnderline";
UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle = "fsBold, fsUnderline";
UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle = "[fsBold,fsUnderline]";
UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle = "[fsBold fsUnderline]";
UserForms.MyForm.cxTextEdit1.Style.TextStyle = "[fsBold, fsUnderline]";


To set the TextStyle property from the User Forms editor, set the property flags to the appropriate values (True or False). The User Forms editor shows the resulting property value as a combination of style attributes separated by commas and enclosed in square brackets.

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