Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

Specifies the font style.


Read-Write Property Variant
TFontObj     A TFont object  


The TFont.Style property allows you to obtain or set the style of the font used to display the component’s text. The font style is a combination of style attributes. Using this property you can determine whether the text characters will be normal, bold-faced, italicized, underlined, striked out.

Return Value

One of the constants listed in the following table, or their combination (see Remarks).

Constant Description
"fsBold" or 1 A bold-faced font.
"fsItalic" or 2 An italic font.
"fsUnderline" or 4 An underlined font.
"fsStrikeOut" or 8 A strikeout font.


This property will not affect the font style of the TcxTextEdit components. To get or set the font style, use the TcxTextEdit.Style.TextStyle property instead.

To set the Style property value from the User Forms editor, set the property flags corresponding to the needed style attribute value to True. In the User Forms editor, the Style property value is displayed as a string that includes a combination of style attribute values separated by commas and enclosed in square brackets.

In scripts, you can set the property value by assigning the appropriate constant or their combination.

To combine integer values, use the bitwise OR operator:

JavaScript, JScript

UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style = 1 | 4;


UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style = 1 | 4


UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style = 1 Or 4


UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style := 1 or 4;

C++Script, C#Script

UserForms["MyForm"]["MyComponent"]["Style"]["Font"]["Style"] = 1 | 4;

To combine string values, separate them by commas or spaces, and optionally enclose the resulting string in square brackets. That is, use one of the following variants:

UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Font.Style = "fsBold,fsUnderline";
UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style = "fsBold fsUnderline";
UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style = "fsBold, fsUnderline";
UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style = "[fsBold,fsUnderline]";
UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style = "[fsBold fsUnderline]";
UserForms.MyForm.MyComponent.Style.Font.Style = "[fsBold, fsUnderline]";

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