Standard Toolbar

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

The Standard toolbar contains the following buttons that affect the structure of the current project suite:

Item Description
New To select one of the available items, click the button's down arrow. To learn more about creating new projects and project suites, see Creating Projects and Project Suites.
 New Project Suite
Creates a new project suite.
 New Project
Adds a new project to the current project suite. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+N shortcut.
 New Item
Adds a new item to the current node (project or project suite). If the Explorer panel is empty, click this button to create a new project suite.
Open Project Opens an existing TestComplete project. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+O shortcut.
Close Closes the current project suite.
Save All Saves all the changes you have made in the current project suite. Alternatively, use the Shift+Ctrl+S shortcut.

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