Test Menu

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024

The Test menu provides commands that affect the test recording process. The available commands are:

Item Description
 Check Syntax Checks the script syntax. To learn more, see Checking Syntax.
Record Contains a sub-menu that allows you to select the desired recording type. To learn more about recording tests and scripts, see Recording Automated Tests.
 Record Keyword Test
Starts recording a keyword test.
 Record Script
Starts script recording.
Note: If there is no project opened in TestComplete, shows the Record Test wizard that helps you create a project, to which your test will be added, and then starts the recording. Otherwise, it starts recording immediately.
 Run Project Suite Runs the current project suite. Alternatively, use the Ctrl+Alt+F5 shortcut.
 Run Project Runs the current project. Alternatively, use the Ctrl+F5 shortcut.
 Stop Stops recording. Alternatively, use the Shift+F5 shortcut.
 Generate Data Opens the Data Generator wizard.

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