TestComplete Window Layouts

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

TestComplete has 3 window layouts:

  • Design-time - used when you view and edit tests,

  • Recording - used when you record tests,

  • Playback - used when you run and debug tests.

A window layout determines the position and size of TestComplete panels (Project Explorer, Workspace and others), and the available menu and toolbar commands. Some window layouts include additional panels and toolbars. For example, the recording layout includes the Recording toolbar, while the playback layout includes the Debug toolbar, the Breakpoints, Watch List and other debugging tools.

Different window layouts are independent on each other. When you rearrange your TestComplete window layout, the changes are applied only to the currently used layout - design-time, recording or playback.

You can save, load and reset custom TestComplete layouts as explained in Saving and Loading Docking Settings. This allows you, for example, to copy your playback layout to your design-time layout.

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