Visual Studio Emulation Key Mapping Scheme

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024

These keyboard shortcuts apply to the Visual Studio Emulation key mapping scheme:


Action Shortcut(s)
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Save Ctrl+S
Save all Ctrl+Shift+S
Print Ctrl+P
Expand all Ctrl+Alt+A
Collapse all Ctrl+Alt+C
Display context menu Application


Action Shortcut
Create new project Shift+Ctrl+N
Open project Shift+Ctrl+O

Test Execution

Action Shortcut
Run F5
Run project Ctrl+F5
Run project suite Ctrl+Alt+F5
Stop Shift+F5
Note: You can also define system-wide shortcuts for the Run and Stop commands in TestComplete General | Global Shortcuts options.

Test Debugging

Action Shortcut
Toggle breakpoint F9
Run to cursor F4
Step into F11
Step over F10
Call the Evaluate dialog Ctrl+F12
Display the Breakpoints panel Ctrl+B
Display the Call Stack panel Alt+7
Display the Locals panel Ctrl+Alt+L
Display the Watch List panel Alt+3

Text Selection

Action Shortcut
Extend selection one character to the left Shift+Left
Extend selection one character to the right Shift+Right
Extend selection one word to the left Ctrl+Shift+Left
Extend selection one word to the right Ctrl+Shift+Right
Extend selection to the end of the document Ctrl+Shift+End
Extend selection to the beginning of the document Ctrl+Shift+Home
Extend selection one line down Shift+Down
Extend selection one line up Shift+Up
Extend selection one page down Shift+PgDown
Extend selection one page up Shift+PgUp
Rectangle selection (also known as block selection, column selection, vertical selection).
Selects a rectangular portion of text within the defined column anchors, rather than the whole text lines.
Select all Ctrl+A

Text Manipulation

Action Shortcut(s)
Delete one character at the cursor Del
Delete one character before the cursor Backspace
Delete next word Ctrl+Del
Delete previous word Ctrl+Backspace
Delete current line Ctrl+Shift+L
Indent selected code block Tab
Unindent selected code block Shift+Tab
Toggle insert/overwrite mode Ins
Open the Code Completion window Ctrl+Space
View routine parameters hint Ctrl+Shift+Space
View code templates Ctrl+J
Action Shortcut
Find Ctrl+F
Find all Ctrl+Shift+F
Find next F3
Replace Ctrl+H
Replace all Shift+Ctrl+H


Action Shortcut
Hide selected code Ctrl+Alt+H
Hide code by definitions Ctrl+Alt+D
Expand current block Alt+Right
Collapse current block Alt+Left
Stop hiding current block Ctrl+Alt+P


Action Shortcut
Set or remove Bookmark 0 Ctrl+Shift+0
Set or remove Bookmark 1 Ctrl+Shift+1
Set or remove Bookmark 2 Ctrl+Shift+2
Set or remove Bookmark 3 Ctrl+Shift+3
Set or remove Bookmark 4 Ctrl+Shift+4
Set or remove Bookmark 5 Ctrl+Shift+5
Set or remove Bookmark 6 Ctrl+Shift+6
Set or remove Bookmark 7 Ctrl+Shift+7
Set or remove Bookmark 8 Ctrl+Shift+8
Set or remove Bookmark 9 Ctrl+Shift+9
Set or remove an unnumbered bookmark Ctrl+Shift+`
Action Shortcut
Go to Bookmark 0 Ctrl+0
Go to Bookmark 1 Ctrl+1
Go to Bookmark 2 Ctrl+2
Go to Bookmark 3 Ctrl+3
Go to Bookmark 4 Ctrl+4
Go to Bookmark 5 Ctrl+5
Go to Bookmark 6 Ctrl+6
Go to Bookmark 7 Ctrl+7
Go to Bookmark 8 Ctrl+8
Go to Bookmark 9 Ctrl+9
Go to next unnumbered bookmark Ctrl+`


Action Shortcut
Switch to Project Explorer Ctrl+Alt+E
Switch to Workspace Ctrl+Alt+R
Organize test items Ctrl+Alt+T
Switch to Object Browser Ctrl+Alt+O
Open the Start Page Ctrl+Alt+S
Close the current editor Ctrl+F4
Switch to the next editor Ctrl+Tab
Switch to the previous editor Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Close all editors Ctrl+Shift+F4

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