Applies to TestComplete 14.20, last modified on September 11, 2019

These keyboard shortcuts apply to the Default key mapping scheme:


Action Shortcut(s)
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Save Ctrl+S
Save all Ctrl+Shift+S
Print Ctrl+P
Expand all Ctrl+Alt+A
Collapse all Ctrl+Alt+C
Display context menu Application


Action Shortcut
Create new project Shift+Ctrl+N
Open project Shift+Ctrl+O

Test Execution

Action Shortcut
Run F5
Run project Ctrl+F5
Run project suite Ctrl+Alt+F5
Stop Shift+F5
Note: You can also define system-wide shortcuts for the Run and Stop commands in TestComplete General | Global Shortcuts options.

Test Debugging

Action Shortcut
Toggle breakpoint F9
Run to cursor F4
Step into F11
Step over F10
Call the Evaluate dialog Ctrl+F12
Display the Breakpoints panel Ctrl+B
Display the Call Stack panel Alt+7
Display the Locals panel Ctrl+Alt+L
Display the Watch List panel Alt+3

Text Navigation

Action Shortcut
Move the cursor one character left Left
Move the cursor one character right Right
Go to document end Ctrl+End
Go to document start Ctrl+Home
Go to line number Ctrl+G
Move the cursor to the beginning of the line Home
Move the cursor to the end of the line End
Move the cursor down one line Down
Move the cursor up one line Up
Scroll down one screen PgDown
Scroll up one screen PgUp
Scroll down one line Ctrl+Down
Scroll up one line Ctrl+Up
Move the cursor to the word after Ctrl+Right
Move the cursor to the word before Ctrl+Left

Text Selection

Action Shortcut
Extend selection one character to the left Shift+Left
Extend selection one character to the right Shift+Right
Extend selection one word to the left Ctrl+Shift+Left
Extend selection one word to the right Ctrl+Shift+Right
Extend selection to the end of the document Ctrl+Shift+End
Extend selection to the beginning of the document Ctrl+Shift+Home
Extend selection one line down Shift+Down
Extend selection one line up Shift+Up
Extend selection one page down Shift+PgDown
Extend selection one page up Shift+PgUp
Rectangle selection (also known as block selection, column selection, vertical selection).
Selects a rectangular portion of text within the defined column anchors, rather than the whole text lines.
Select all Ctrl+A

Text Manipulation

Action Shortcut(s)
Delete one character at the cursor Del
Delete one character before the cursor Backspace
Delete next word Ctrl+Del
Delete previous word Ctrl+Backspace
Delete current line Ctrl+Shift+L
Indent selected code block Tab
Unindent selected code block Shift+Tab
Toggle insert/overwrite mode Ins
Open the Code Completion window Ctrl+Space
View routine parameters hint Ctrl+Shift+Space
View code templates Ctrl+J

Search and Replace

Action Shortcut
Find Ctrl+F
Find all Ctrl+Shift+F
Find next F3
Replace Ctrl+H
Replace all Shift+Ctrl+H


Action Shortcut
Hide selected code Ctrl+Alt+H
Hide code by definitions Ctrl+Alt+D
Expand current block Alt+Right
Collapse current block Alt+Left
Stop hiding current block Ctrl+Alt+P


Action Shortcut
Set or remove Bookmark 0 Ctrl+Shift+0
Set or remove Bookmark 1 Ctrl+Shift+1
Set or remove Bookmark 2 Ctrl+Shift+2
Set or remove Bookmark 3 Ctrl+Shift+3
Set or remove Bookmark 4 Ctrl+Shift+4
Set or remove Bookmark 5 Ctrl+Shift+5
Set or remove Bookmark 6 Ctrl+Shift+6
Set or remove Bookmark 7 Ctrl+Shift+7
Set or remove Bookmark 8 Ctrl+Shift+8
Set or remove Bookmark 9 Ctrl+Shift+9
Set or remove an unnumbered bookmark Ctrl+Shift+`
Action Shortcut
Go to Bookmark 0 Ctrl+0
Go to Bookmark 1 Ctrl+1
Go to Bookmark 2 Ctrl+2
Go to Bookmark 3 Ctrl+3
Go to Bookmark 4 Ctrl+4
Go to Bookmark 5 Ctrl+5
Go to Bookmark 6 Ctrl+6
Go to Bookmark 7 Ctrl+7
Go to Bookmark 8 Ctrl+8
Go to Bookmark 9 Ctrl+9
Go to next unnumbered bookmark Ctrl+`


Action Shortcut
Switch to Project Explorer Ctrl+Alt+E
Switch to Workspace Ctrl+Alt+R
Organize test items Ctrl+Alt+T
Switch to Object Browser Ctrl+Alt+O
Open the Start Page Ctrl+Alt+S
Close the current editor Ctrl+F4
Switch to the next editor Ctrl+Tab
Switch to the previous editor Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Close all editors Ctrl+Shift+F4

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