Login Method (Page Objects)

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024


Use the Login method to get access to a login dialog that a tested web page shows. To learn more, see Handle JavaScript Popups and Browser Dialogs.



TestObj A variable, parameter or expression that specifies a reference to one of the objects listed in the Applies To section
Result A Login object

Applies To

The method is applied to the following object:

View Mode

To view this method in the Object Browser panel and in other panels and dialogs, activate the Advanced view mode.

Result Value

The Login object that corresponds to a login dialog that the web page is showing.

If the page is not showing any login dialogs, the method will return a stub object and post an error message to the test log. If the Error handling > On error or the Error handling > On object recognition error property is set to Stop current item or Stop project, TestComplete will stop the test run when the error is posted to the test log.


To avoid errors when accessing the login dialog, you can use the WaitLogin method. Then, use the Exists property of the returned object to check whether it is a stub object or an actual Login object.

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