LabelTip Property (ListViewStyleEx Objects)

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024


When the LabelTip (LVS_EX_LABELTIP) extended style is applied it results in the following behavior of the list-view: If a partially hidden label in any list-view mode lacks ToolTip text, the list-view control unfolds the label. If this style is not set, the list-view control unfolds partly hidden labels only for the large icon mode.



Read-Only Property Boolean
TestObj A variable, parameter or expression that specifies a reference to one of the objects listed in the Applies To section

Applies To

The property is applied to the following object:

View Mode

To view this property in the Object Browser panel and in other panels and dialogs, activate the Advanced view mode.

Property Value

True if the LabelTip style is enabled and False otherwise.

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