Properties Added to Web Test Objects

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

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This category includes properties that extend test functionality for the objects.

Name Description
contentText Returns the combined text content of the object and its child objects.
idStr Returns the string that specifies the element’s ID attribute.
namePropStr Returns the string that specifies the element’s nameProp property.
ObjectIdentifier The object identifier. It can be either a web element id, name, object text or index among other sibling objects of the same type.
ObjectType Returns a string that specifies the element’s type.
Text Provides access to the text entered in the web edit box.
Other Categories

TestComplete provides access to internal properties and methods of tested web objects. You can view these properties and methods in the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other categories (which categories are available depends on the type of the web browser where your tested web application is running). The TestComplete help file does not include a description of these methods and properties. For information on them, please see the DOM model description and the HTML standards for the web browser you use.

Web objects that correspond to combo box, check box and list box controls, table and cell elements get several additional properties. For more information, see WebComboBox, WebCheckBox, WebListBox, Web Table and Cell.

The RadMenu control gets the RadMenu property that provides access to the RadMenu control displayed on the tested web page.

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