OSInfo Property

Applies to TestComplete 14.72, last modified on December 24, 2020


Returns an iOSOSInfo object that provides information about the operating system installed on the given iOS device.

Note: To obtain information on the operating system installed on an Android device connected to your computer, use the OSInfo property of the appropriate AndroidDevice object.



Read-Only Property An iOSOSInfo object
iOSDeviceObj An expression, variable or parameter that specifies a reference to an iOSDevice object

Applies To

The property is applied to the following object:

Property Value

The iOSOSInfo object that contains information about the device's operating system.


The following code gets the iOSOSInfo object and posts its properties to the test log:

JavaScript, JScript

function GetOSInfoObj()
  var infoObj = Mobile.Device("iPhone").OSInfo;
  Log.Message("Build version: " + infoObj.BuildVersion);
  Log.Message("Firmware version: " + infoObj.FirmwareVersion);
  Log.Message("Product version:" + infoObj.ProductVersion);


def GetOSInfoObj():
  infoObj = Mobile.Device("iPhone").OSInfo
  Log.Message("Build version: " + OSInfoObj.BuildVersion)
  Log.Message("Firmware version: " + infoObj.FirmwareVersion)
  Log.Message("Product version: " + infoObj.ProductVersion)


Sub GetOSInfo
  Set infoObj = Mobile.Device("iPhone").OSInfo
  Log.Message("Build version: " & infoObj.BuildVersion)
  Log.Message("Firmware version: " & infoObj.FirmwareVersion)
  Log.Message("Product version: " & infoObj.ProductVersion)
End Sub


procedure GetOSInfoObj();
var infoObj;
   infoObj := Mobile.Device('iPhone').OSInfo;
   Log.Message('Build version: ' + OSInfoObj.BuildVersion);
   Log.Message('Firmware version: ' + infoObj.FirmwareVersion);
   Log.Message('Product version: ' + infoObj.ProductVersion);

C++Script, C#Script

function GetOSInfoObj()
  var infoObj = Mobile["Device"]("iPhone")["OSInfo"];
  Log["Message"]("Build version: " + infoObj["BuildVersion"]);
  Log["Message"]("Firmware version: " + infoObj["FirmwareVersion"]);
  Log["Message"]("Product version:" + infoObj["ProductVersion"]);

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