Onscreen Object

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024


TestComplete scripts use onscreen objects to work with visible objects, whether they (visible objects) have a handle (windows, controls) or not (for instance, Delphi TLabel or TImage). Among onscreen objects are those used to access the standard Win32 controls: TreeView, ListBox, ComboBox, etc.

Onscreen objects are located in the hierarchy common to all tested objects. This hierarchy ultimately refers to a process. Onscreen objects are retrieved through the Child and FindID methods, and identified by their FullName property as tested objects.

In the case of a window, this will repeat the ID defined in the Window method as a string. In the case of an object without a handle, the name defined in your application will be used.

Besides those common to all tested objects, onscreen objects have methods and properties to specify the position and size of a control (window), determine the status of a control, obtain a control’s handle or its parent window, convert client-area coordinates into screen coordinates, and so on.


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