AndroidTestedApp Object Properties

Applies to TestComplete 15.42, last modified on August 01, 2022

The AndroidTestedApp object contains the following properties:

Property List

Name Description
APKFileName Specifies the fully-qualified path to the Android application package file.
AutorunOnRecording Specifies whether TestComplete launches the application automatically when the recording starts.
BackupFileName Obsolete. Specifies the name of the backup file.
BackupOriginalAPK Obsolete. Specifies whether TestComplete will create a backup of the original .apk file.
DeployOnStart Specifies whether TestComplete should automatically install the application on start.
GrantPermissions Specifies whether all permissions the application needs will be enabled automatically.
Instrumented Specifies whether the application is instrumented.
InstrumentedWithSupportedVersion Specifies whether the application is instrumented for the current TestComplete version.
ItemName Specifies the name of the tested application in the tested application’s collection.
KeepDataAndCache Specifies whether the cache and data of the tested application are removed when you remove the application package from the mobile device.
KeyAlias Specifies the alias of the key used to instrument the application.
KeyPassword Specifies the password used to access the certificate key.
KeystorePassword Specifies the password for the keystore.
KeystorePath Specifies the path to the keystore.
Launch Specifies whether the application should be launched.
UseCustomCertificate Specifies whether TestComplete will use a custom or the debug certificate when instrumenting the application.

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