Markers Options Dialog

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

The Markers Options dialog lets you specify the highlighting settings for specific script lines and keyword testing operations. To call the dialog, select Tools | Options from the TestComplete main menu and then choose Panels | Markers on the left of the subsequent Options dialog.

You can customize the appearance of the following elements:

  • Disabled breakpoint - A disabled breakpoint.

  • Enabled breakpoint - An enabled breakpoint.

  • Error line - a script line or keyword test operation that raised an error during test playback.

  • Execution line - a script line or keyword test operation that is being executed or is about to be executed (if you are stepping through the test).

  • Marked block - a script line or keyword test operation marked by TestComplete (for example, a line to which you jumped from the appropriate test log entry).

For each element, you can specify the foreground and background colors.

As you change the elements’ color settings, TestComplete automatically applies these changes, so that you can preview them directly in the Code Editor or Keyword Test editor. To restore the default highlighting settings, click Set Default Styles.

Note: Unlike Code Editor’s Highlighting Settings, Markers options are applied to scripts written in all languages, not only the currently used language.

To save the changes and close the dialog, click OK. Cancel will close the dialog and discard all changes.

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