Highlighting Options Dialog

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024

The Highlighting group of the Keyword Test editor’s settings specifies the highlighting format for different keyword operations and categories.

The list of operations and categories is displayed on the left of the dialog. There are several settings for each element. The entire list of settings is as follows:

  • Colors - Specifies the foreground and background colors for the selected element.

  • Text attributes - Specifies the font style (bold, italic, underlined, and strikeout -- B, I, U, and S).

As you change the elements’ settings, TestComplete automatically applies these changes so you can preview them directly in the Keyword Test editor.

To restore the default highlighting settings, press Restore Default.

To add a new element to the Operation or Category Name list, click Add and specify the needed name in the ensuing Select Operation or Category dialog.

Note: Note that you can select either an operation or an entire category. If you select the category, the settings specified for this category will be automatically applied to all operations that belong to this category and do not have personal highlighting settings. For example, by default, the Comment operation has its own highlighting settings. So, if you add the Miscellaneous category to the list and specify other highlighting settings for it, these settings will not be applied to the Comment operation. To specify the settings for all the operations of the Miscellaneous category, you need to select the Comment item in the list and press Remove.

To clear highlighting settings of the needed operation or category, select its name in the Operation or Category Name list and click Remove.

Highlighting settings can be exported to and imported from a file via the Export Settings and Import Settings dialogs.

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