CucumberStudio Options Dialog

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

You use the CucumberStudio Options dialog to configure options for connecting to CucumberStudio (formerly known as HipTest).

To invoke the dialog, select Tools > Options from the main menu (this will show the Options dialog), and then choose Integrations > CucumberStudio on the left of that dialog.

You can configure the following options:

  • CucumberStudio server name – Specifies the address of the CucumberStudio server you are working with:

    • If you use CucumberStudio running in the cloud, then this value must be (this is the default value of the option).

    • If you use CucumberStudio Enterprise, specify the URL of the CucumberStudio server in your network.

  • Ignore certificate issues (insecure) – This option is helpful if you work with CucumberStudio Enterprise and have a self-signed security certificate. By default, TestComplete connects to CucumberStudio through HTTPS, and such certificates cause a connection error. To work around issues, select this check box. It will command TestComplete to ignore connection errors.

    Note that enabling this option makes the connection to your CucumberStudio Enterprise server insecure. A recommended solution is to use a certificate signed by some known certificate authority (CA).

    The option is meaningful only if you work with CucumberStudio Enterprise. Connections to a cloud instance of CucumberStudio requires a certificate signed by a CA.

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