OnNetTaskStateChange Event

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024
The Network Suite functionality is deprecated. We don’t recommend using it for distributed testing. Consider using a CI/CD system for managing distributed tests. See Migrating Distributed Tests to CI/CD Systems for details. In case you need to run web tests on multiple environments in parallel, you can also try using your project’s Execution Plan.

Occurs when a task’s state changes.


OnNetTaskStateChange(SenderTask) Parameters
Sender [in] Required Variant
Task [in] Required A Task object


The event occurs when a task’s state changes. You can use this event to perform desired actions when changing the task state.


The event has the following parameters:


The Event control that processes the event.


Task specifies the task whose state has changed.


For information on how to create an event handler for this and other TestComplete events, see Handling Events.

Since the Verify, Run and Stop methods of the NetworkSuite, Job and Task objects try to change the corresponding object’s state, you cannot call these methods from this event’s handler.

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