Applies to TestComplete 15.58, last modified on November 27, 2023

About LoadComplete

LoadComplete is a performance, stress and load testing tool for web and Rich Internet Applications, including ASP.NET, Ajax, Flash/Flex and Silverlight. LoadComplete helps you find answers for pressing performance questions, such as:

  • How many users can simultaneously work with a web server while meeting the Quality of Service requirements?

  • How does the server’s response time change as you increase or decrease the number of users?

  • What load can crash the server application?

  • How do hardware and software changes affect server performance?

  • How will the server response vary for high numbers of users in different geographical regions?

Interesting Features

  • Support for distributed testing (simulating virtual users on multiple computers simultaneously).

  • Built-in support for Amazon EC2 cloud machines (including a cloud test cost estimator to help you control your testing budget).

  • Monitoring server performance (CPU and memory usage, disk read/write activity, the number of database transactions and dozens of other metrics).

  • Custom validation rules for server responses.

  • Easy request parameterization and data correlation.

  • Built-in test data generators.

  • And much more.

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LoadComplete licenses limit the number of virtual users that can be simulated concurrently. You can request a license for 100, 250, 500, 1000 and more concurrent virtual users (up to 10,000).

Using LoadComplete With TestComplete

LoadComplete and TestComplete make up an ultimate toolset for web application testing: the client functionality can be verified with TestComplete while the server part can be tested with LoadComplete. You can easily see how the page load time changes depending on the load, what number of virtual users causes an error, crash or slowdown and so on.

You can also convert your TestComplete functional tests to LoadComplete scenarios and use these scenarios in your load tests.

LoadComplete supports server-side counters that let you monitor and evaluate various server characteristics, such as request execution time, the number of concurrent requests, the number of active database transactions, the amount of allocated memory and more.

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