Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

About BitBar

BitBar is a web service for running functional and unit web tests on real mobile and desktop web browsers. It offers dozens of modern web browser versions running on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu desktop operating systems as well as on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry mobile systems.

You specify your website and then choose one or multiple combinations of the browser, operating system and screen resolution for testing. The test engine automatically captures screenshots during the run, and lets you compare the layout differences in different browsers side-by-side.

You can start your tests manually, or take advantage of Jenkins or TeamCity integration.

To learn more about BitBar, see their web site:

How BitBar Can Help You With Testing

TestComplete tightly integrates with BitBar enabling you to run your TestComplete web tests in the BitBar cloud. The integration helps you –

  • Save time and effort on creating and maintaining test infrastructure for all test environments (browser + operating system + screen resolution).

  • Run web tests on real mobile devices.

The TestComplete Web module includes tools and dialogs that enable you to connect to BitBar and launch a web browser where you want to run your test. For complete information, see About Cross-Platform Web Tests.

Try BitBar for Free

If you are interested in testing with BitBar, request a free trial from the following web site:

You can also request a trial from within TestComplete, when you are running tests from it.

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