Bug Fixes in TestComplete 15.10

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

The following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed in TestComplete 15.10.


  • Fixed: If you used the Dark UI theme and a test was stopped on a breakpoint, the TestComplete window could become blank.

  • Fixed: In certain cases, TestComplete could crash on start.

  • Fixed: The application under test could crash after simulating the SetText() action on its controls.

  • Fixed: TestComplete incorrectly passed advanced parameters to the NUnit test runner (it was impossible to specify a test fixture properly, for example).

  • Fixed: TestComplete may fail to simulate the input of some characters like quotation marks and slashes into the command-line window on machines that used the English (Germany) keyboard layout.

  • Fixed: The Toolbar Customization dialog didn’t have the Large images setting. We’ve returned the setting back.

Web testing (General)

  • Fixed: The VisibleonScreen property could be shown incorrectly in the Object Browser for web pages opened in Internet Explorer.

Web testing (Cross-platform compatible)

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not recognize confirmation dialogs if they were mapped.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could simulate keyboard actions incorrectly.

  • Fixed: When recording keyword tests, TestComplete could map objects incorrectly.

Mobile testing (General)

  • Fixed: When opening a project suite with multiple projects, TestExecute could load the value of a project’s Mobile Devices > General > Mobile support type property from another project.

  • Fixed: An error could occur when you closed the Mobile Screen window showing an Android app.

Mobile testing (BitBar and Appium)

  • Fixed: When recording tests on iOS devices controlled via BitBar, a popup menu in a tested application could be closed unexpectedly.

Mobile testing (Legacy)

  • Fixed: In some cases, tested iOS apps closed unexpectedly right after their start.

Script tests

  • Fixed: When users debugged DelphiScript tests, the Watch List, Locals, and Evaluation panels could omit leading and trailing quotation marks in string variable values.

  • Fixed: An exception occurred when you ran the WaitProperty() method and specified the target property using a string starting with a dot.

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