What's New in TestComplete 15.46

Applies to TestComplete 15.46, last modified on December 01, 2022

Below are the changes made to TestComplete 15.46 relative to the previous version of the product, TestComplete 15.45. For information on the changes made to other versions, see Version History.

Web testing improvements

  • Firefox ESR versions 102.2.X, 102.3.0, 102.4.0 support.

  • Firefox version 106 support.

Bug fixes

  • When using Jscript or JavaScript, users will no longer be able to place a breakpoint in their scripts on a line that only contains an opening brace.

Mobile testing improvements

  • Fixed an issue where TestComplete would not send the “BundleID” capability when testing an iOS mobile application.

  • When a user selects a BitBar device located in the US data center, the Appium hub automatically changes to the relevant hub URL.

  • Performance optimizations in the “Refreshing the Appium Tree” operation for mobile applications (both Android and iOS) when using the object spy to select objects, create checkpoints, etc.

  • Fixed an issue where OCR actions would miss the target text on iOS applications.

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