Bug Fixes in TestComplete 14.91

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024

The following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed in TestComplete 14.91.


  • Fixed: An internal error in the licensing system.

Web testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete tests could not recognize alert messages in web applications running in mobile versions of browsers in the CrossBrowserTesting device cloud.

  • Fixed: TestComplete showed an incorrect user message when trying to connect to the CrossBrowserTesting device cloud with no valid account.

  • Fixed: TestComplete handled dynamic identifiers with trailing digits inconsistently.

  • Fixed: In Firefox, TestComplete recorded clicks on several list items as clicks on a single item and then failed to run the recorded actions correctly.

  • Fixed: TestComplete launched Edge Chromium with the redundant remote-debugging-port command-line argument.

  • Fixed: If Web Components support was disabled in TestComplete, it still recorded actions over Shadow DOM elements and then failed to access those elements during the test run.

  • Fixed: If the Chromium Embedded Framework support plugin was disabled, TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when launching a tested CEF application.

Mobile testing (Legacy)

  • Fixed: The error message that TestComplete showed when trying to install an iPad-only application on an iPhone device was incorrect.

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not show a progress bar while instrumenting an iOS application.

Script tests

  • Fixed: In Python scripts, TestComplete failed to rename an imported routine in statements that included the & operator.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly upon editing a script in the Code Editor.


  • Fixed: TestComplete froze and could stop responding when creating a checkpoint.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when creating a property checkpoint.

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