Bug Fixes in TestComplete 14.61

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

The following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed in TestComplete 14.61.


  • Fixed: When TestComplete was updated to version 14.60, it removed its path from the App Path registry key.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when a cloned project was removed from a project suite.

  • Fixed: When TestComplete cloned a project, it could fail to clone the source project’s Script item properly and added a source Script item reference to the cloned project instead.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when the Object Browser (or the Object Spy) showed a pop-up menu.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could fail to open a project containing user forms if the appropriate user forms files were read-only.

Web testing

  • Fixed: Cross-platform web tests were not able to simulate user actions over AREA elements added to the Name Mapping repository.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could cause a tested CefSharp application to exit unexpectedly during the test run.

  • Fixed: During test recording, TestComplete mapped web objects with the Extended find option enabled even if it was configured not to use extended find.

Mobile testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not access elements of the Alert dialog in Xamarin Android applications, and their VisibleOnScreen property was always false.


  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when showing a big hint, for example, when editing a Property Checkpoint that verified the content of the entire web page.

Test logs

  • Fixed: The Summary report that the Log.SaveResultsAs method exported to the JUnit format had incorrect date values.

Keyword tests

  • Fixed: TestComplete generated incorrect code when converting Excel - Read Value and Excel – Write Value operations of keyword tests into script tests.

Code Editor

  • Fixed: The Code Editor ignored custom code highlighting schemes and could highlight the code incorrectly.

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