Bug Fixes in TestComplete 14.60

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

The following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed in TestComplete 14.60.


  • Fixed: The "Image Format" project property was not available in the Project Properties | General dialog.

  • Fixed: If the HASP service was configured to use a non-default port, TestComplete (TestExecute) could not start.

  • Fixed: TestExecute could exit unexpectedly after disabling plugins.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly during test execution after updating from 14.40 to 14.50.

Web testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly while working with some specific WSDL files.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could fail to test some CEF applications when the main application launched several child processes and some of them had undetermined names.

  • Fixed: A website did not load properly in Internet Explorer when navigating using the Run function.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not highlight an object by using the Object Spy in Chrome, but the object could be found in the Object Tree.

  • Fixed: The ClickItem method did not work correctly in the Virtual Mobile Browser if checklist items contained too long text.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not connect to Selenium Grid if .NET Framework 3.5 was not installed.

  • Fixed: Non-informative error messages were shown regarding unsupported WebDriver operations.

Mobile testing

  • Fixed: Descriptions of certain errors that occur during Android instrumentation have been improved.

Integration with other tools

  • Fixed: Test runs failed after updating TestComplete Test Adapter on an on-premises Azure DevOps server and subsequent updating of TestComplete (TestExecute) on agents.

  • Fixed: The "Bad request" response from the TestComplete REST service was handled incorrectly by TestLeft for .NET.

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