Bug Fixes in TestComplete 14.30

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

The following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed in TestComplete 14.30.


  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when working in the Object Browser.

  • Fixed: The horizontal scrollbar in the Object Browser was reset to the left position unexpectedly.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not handle the % character in the path to the project suite file.

  • Fixed: The Mouse movement delay project option did not affect the HoverMouse method.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly after quick switches between the Object Browser and the Project Explorer by a double click.

Desktop Application Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not recognize tested objects of Qt 5.14 (Beta) applications.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: Tested CEF applications could exit unexpectedly when a user was launching them from the Tested Apps editor. And, some objects of CEF applications could not be recognized.

  • Fixed: The PagePicture method did not work properly with pages containing CSS transition effects in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not recognize web objects by their contentText and idStr properties.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not work with some web objects as with MSAA objects.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not recognize test objects of applications created with EO.WebBrowser if the eowp.exe file was renamed or moved from the default location. Sometimes, TestComplete could exit unexpectedly in such cases.

  • Fixed: During the Web Services testing, TestComplete did not save the authentication credentials of services. To exclude such problems, you need to recreate the WebServices project item after updating TestComplete.

  • Fixed: TestComplete didn’t process WCF requests when the tested service was restarted during tests.

Mobile Testing

  • Fixed: After testing Android applications, TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when it was closing.

  • Fixed: The Mobile Screen hung and was out of sync with the tested Android application.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestComplete was unable to install the tested application on the iOS device.

Name Mapping

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly during object mapping.

  • Fixed: The repetitive cropped dialog about unsaved content in the Name Mapping file could be displayed when launching TestComplete.

  • Fixed: The Sys object was mapped incorrectly if the name mapping file was empty.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly during manual object mapping. It happened when TestComplete tried to show too long strings as hints, for example, mapping criteria for some web objects.


  • Fixed: Password fields were not hidden in the database checkpoints.

Test Log

  • Fixed: XML logs were exported incorrectly if you had already exported logs as an archived HTML.

  • Fixed: The Summary reports displayed the incorrect number of unexecuted test cases. That number included test cases that did not belong to the test run.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly on start if, during the previous product launch, the Summary tab of the test log had been opened.

Keyword Tests

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when it was executing the Compare Pictures operation.

Script Tests

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not launch a test item from scripts if the previous test item was terminated on error.

  • Fixed: If any comment of your script tests did not include a space, the tags of such tests were not recognized.

  • Fixed: The HISUtils.RegExpr property had an issue. Sometimes, it could remove the slash character in the replaced string.

  • Fixed: For DelphiScript tests, the numeric interval syntax was not accepted by TestComplete.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when working in the Script editor.

BDD Testing

  • Fixed: Numeric values from BDD Data Tables were converted to numbers.

Distributed Testing

  • Fixed: Network Suite tasks could synchronize unexpectedly without any actions from tasks.

Integration With Other Tools

  • Fixed: When running tests from the Azure DevOps or Team Foundation server, the test log, which the TestComplete Test Adapter attached to failed test runs, included the redundant Summary page that did not make any sense in the context.

  • Fixed: Jenkins JUnit results displayed an invalid number of skipped tests.

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