Bug Fixes in TestComplete 12.50

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

The following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed in TestComplete 12.50.


  • Fixed: TestComplete could freeze or exit unexpectedly or both upon deleting test items from a project.

  • Fixed: When copying test items, TestComplete copied their parameters incorrectly.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, jumping to a test from the project’s Test Items page did not expand the Project Explorer tree.

  • Fixed: When TestComplete stopped a test item upon a timeout and terminated tested applications launched by that test item, it posted the appropriate messages to the test log in an incorrect order.

  • Fixed: When converting a JScript project to JavaScript, TestComplete added extra spaces to the Value parameter of the Log Message operation in keyword tests.

  • Fixed: TestComplete crashed when opening a corrupted project containing incomplete information on project variables or keyword test variables.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could freeze while working with a project.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when opening a project containing DBTable variables.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when opening the test log.

  • Fixed: TestExecute could crash when opening a project that included links to missing project items.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash when opening a project containing keyword test operations with invalid symbols.

  • Fixed: When closing a project suite, TestComplete could report the "The operation has been aborted, because TestComplete is editing data" error, and after that, TestComplete could not be closed properly.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when showing its test indicator on a computer with several monitors with different DPI settings.

  • Fixed: The Select Object dialog processed special symbols (for instance, \r\n) in properties of the selected object incorrectly.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could fail to highlight tested objects on screen.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly upon closing the Start page right after the product startup.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly upon restarting after text execution.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly with the "List index out of bounds" error on loading docking settings.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash if an empty parameter was submitted for a keyword test operation in the Value column.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could freeze when displaying the Help content along with a modal Topic Found window.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash during a test run.

  • Fixed: TestComplete (and TestExecute) could crash with a stack overflow error when running a test.

Desktop Application Testing

  • Fixed: A tested WPF application could crash during test recording.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not properly recognize TdxBarButton controls in VCL applications.

  • Fixed: The ClassName property of VCL objects in Delphi applications returned an empty value.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestComplete could not access items of the DevExpress Ribbon control in Windows Forms applications.

  • Fixed: TestComplete froze and did not execute test commands if Matlab running on the computer used a Java version that was not supported by TestComplete.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not access extended properties of objects in 64-bit Delphi XE5 applications.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when testing APEX forms.

  • Fixed: During a test run, a .NET application (for instance, Microsoft Visual Studio) could exit unexpectedly if AppDomain objects were created and destroyed inside its process.

  • Fixed: If the Tested Application collection in a project included applications located on network drives, TestComplete could experience performance issues when opening such a project or when exploring applications in the Object Browser with the Show Tested Applications Only option enabled.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not simulate clicks on a WPF Menu control.

  • Fixed: When recording user actions on TadvGlowButton, TestComplete reported the "Debug info is missing for VCL control" error.

  • Fixed: A tested CEF application could crash when being launched from TestComplete.

  • Fixed: It could take up to several seconds to simulate the Keys action in the PowerShell window.

  • Fixed: When testing DevExpress ComboBox controls in VCL applications, the test engine could report the "Application was compiled incorrectly" error.

  • Fixed: When saving properties of an object in a Windows Forms application to the Stores > Objects collection, TestComplete tried to obtain redundant properties that return popup menus, even if it was explicitly configured to skip them.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: In web applications running in Internet Explorer and Chrome, TestComplete was unable to detect child objects of the Frame object.

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not recognize popup dialogs, for instance, Alert, in Google Chrome ver. 65.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not recognize controls in popup dialogs in Chrome.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could recognize objects on a web page opened in Firefox incorrectly if their position property was not set to "static".

  • Fixed: Firefox could freeze during test recording if compositing graphic layers were enabled in a separate thread.

  • Fixed: Memory usage issues could occur when testing Internet Explorer on Windows 10.

  • Fixed: When TestComplete interacted with a web page opened in Internet Explorer with the Document mode option set to 7, errors could occur in the script running on the page.

  • Fixed: The FindChildByXPath method failed to find the needed objects on web pages opened in Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestComplete could record unnecessary Hover actions for web page elements.

  • Fixed: SmartBearBrowser for iOS could not open HTTPS web sites that used untrusted certificates.

  • Fixed: Mobile browser emulators failed to process Touch events correctly.

Mobile Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete could fail to instrument an iOS application if there were too many levels of nested files and folders.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could fail to simulate Swipe and Drag actions correctly on iOS 11.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not install and launch an iOS application on a mobile device if the application was instrumented with an invalid com.apple.developer.ubiquity-kvstore-identifier entitlement.

  • Fixed: A tested iOS application could crash upon examining the Image property of the ImageView object in the Object Browser.

  • Fixed: TestComplete recognized all the controls in a tested iOS applications as invisible and it was impossible to capture them with Object Spy.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not install tested iOS applications with non-ascii symbols in their names on iOS devices.

  • Fixed: Before simulating actions on an iOS object, TestComplete tried to make the target object visible on screen, which caused an unpredictable behavior if the object was larger than the screen.

  • Fixed: The Mobile Troubleshooter could crash when specifying the path to the Android SDK, selecting a connection type or upon closing the Troubleshooter window.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not access child objects of a WebView control in Android applications.

  • Fixed: TestComplete recognized all child objects of the WebView control ver. 63.0.3239 in Android applications as invisible on screen.

  • Fixed: A tested Android application could crash when exploring the DataPicker object in the Object Browser.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not connect to Android devices if a test had been run from Jenkins.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not simulate Touch actions on the Menu control in iOS applications.

  • Fixed: If an Android device was unplugged while TestComplete Android Agent was being installed on it, TestComplete could crash.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash when connecting to a mobile device.

  • Fixed: The Mobile Screen window showed only half of the mobile screen.


  • Fixed: It was impossible to paste values from the Clipboard to the Value column of parameterized code templates.

  • Fixed: When editing script code, TestComplete could slow down or freeze if a mobile device was connected.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when a script unit was renamed.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could exit unexpectedly when editing scripts with automatic outlining enabled.

  • Fixed: The Code editor did not show hints on supported parameters of the current property or method automatically.

  • Fixed: The Code editor did not highlight braces if the cursor was at the end of the line.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, the Code editor could discard the selection of a code fragment immediately.

  • Fixed: When scrolling down in the Code editor, it could scroll up occasionally.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could sometimes report a syntax error in a valid Python script.

  • Fixed: Pressing Enter after a function definition in a Python script moved the cursor to a random place in the current line instead of moving it to a new line.

  • Fixed: When editing script tests, Code Completion could cause TestComplete to crash if TestComplete was running in a system with two monitors with different DPI settings.

  • Fixed: The 32-bit version of TestComplete crashed when using the ADO object to access the query fields after the query was closed.

Name Mapping

  • Fixed: If the recognition criteria of a WPF object were modified in the Name Mapping repository, during recording, TestComplete would create redundant Name Mapping items with default recognition criteria for the object.

  • Fixed: If Name Mapping was configured to use the required children and extended find to search for a test object, during test recording, TestComplete would create redundant items with default recognition criteria for the object in Name Mapping.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash after removing items from Name Mapping.


  • Fixed: When creating Quick Checkpoints for WPF applications, instead of creating a checkpoint for the selected object, TestComplete would create it for the selected object’s parent object.

  • Fixed: If an indexed property returned a object, after retrieving a property value for one index, the Property Checkpoint wizard would return the same value for other indexes.

  • Fixed: Table checkpoints could skip some cells when verifying a table.

  • Fixed: The DBTable Checkpoint wizard could freeze when loading data from large database tables.

  • Fixed: When creating Quick Checkpoints for a Flex application running in Internet Explorer, the selected element was highlighted with a red frame only after you clicked the element.


  • Fixed: TestComplete UI elements could be shown incorrectly on 4k displays.

  • Fixed: Large icons were displayed incorrectly in TestComplete.

  • Fixed: The Run Code Snipped dialog was displayed incorrectly if the system used several monitors with different DPI settings.


  • Fixed: The Watch panel could show the type of inspected objects incorrectly.

  • Fixed: The Watch panel displayed stub objects incorrectly.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could freeze during test debugging if the Locals panel was open.

Distributed Tests

  • Fixed: When running a distributed test while the Run State page of the Network Suite project item was open on the master computer, TestExecute running on a remote computer could exit unexpectedly without generating any logs.

  • Fixed: TestComplete returned an error when referring synchronization points from tests.


  • Fixed: If a tested web site used HTTPS, TestComplete could fail to open a local connection between it and CrossBrowserTesting.com.

User Forms

  • Fixed: It was possible to access and edit individual radio group items by selecting them on the form rather than via the radio group control’s Items property, which resulted in discarding the specified item properties.

  • Fixed: Changes in style (for instance, custom colors) were not applied to buttons on User Forms in TestComplete.

Integration With Other Tools

  • Fixed: TestComplete could report the "The timeout has expired" error when opening projects from Team Foundation Version Control.

  • Fixed: The Test Explorer in Visual Studio 15.5.2 did not show TestComplete tests.

  • Fixed: The Visual Studio Test step in Visual Studio 2015 team builds could not publish TestComplete test results.

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