Bug Fixes in TestComplete 11

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

In version 11, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:


  • Fixed: Increased memory usage when running tests while the playback indicator was hidden.

  • Fixed: Slow object recognition in some Visual C++ applications.

  • Fixed: TestComplete crashed when starting a newly added tested application in the Debug run mode.

  • Fixed: TestComplete crashed on pausing a running keyword test.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, changes in a keyword test were not saved if the test file was read-only.

  • Fixed: When files were added to a virtual folder in the Stores | Files collection, they were added to the top level of the collection's hierarchy.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could hang when trying to find an exclamation point via the Find dialog.

  • Removed: The ”The real path to the application differs from the selected path” message that was displayed when opening a project containing a tested application located on a mapped network drive.

  • The sorting feature in the Test Items panel did not affect the test run order and was removed.

Desktop Application Testing

  • Fixed: WinForms applications could crash during test recording.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: The Sys.WaitBrowser method could work incorrectly in TestExecute.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not record web page actions in WinForms CefSharp (CEF3) applications after navigating to a new page.

  • Fixed: Incorrect recording of item selection in Telerik RadComboBox for ASP.NET.

Flex Application Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not identify child objects in some Flex applications.

  • Fixed: The Item property returned blank values for Flex combo boxes.

  • Fixed: Flex strings were truncated at 1000 characters in TestComplete.

Mobile Testing

  • Fixed: There were delays when playing back iOS tests, because TestComplete waited for animation playback to complete.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could hang when the tested application displayed a dialog asking for a permission to access photos on the connected iOS device.

  • Fixed: The Zoom Default and Best Fit buttons in the Picture panel of the Test Log resized mobile device screenshots incorrectly.

Web Service Testing

  • Fixed: Timeout errors when using .NET WCF API for web services that run longer than 1 minute.


  • Fixed: In JScript, property checkpoints compared null values incorrectly.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not create checkpoints for dynamic objects (such as popup menus) that disappear after losing focus.

Data Driven Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash when reading values from a DBTable project variable that was linked to an empty CSV file.

  • Fixed: The "Unable to connect to data source" error that occurred when running a project with more than 64 Data-Driven Loops.

Jenkins Integration

  • Fixed: If a test run lasted 3 minutes or longer, Jenkins marked the build as failed.

Source Control Integration

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not check in files to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013.

  • Fixed: If the "Bind new items to SCC automatically" option was selected, the .dbt file of the newly added Stores | DBTables collection was not added to source control.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash if its settings file was read-only and was stored in source control.


  • A tip about disconnecting Remote Desktop sessions was added to the Scheduling Automated Tests topic.

  • Fixed: A broken link to the HTML Table Checkpoint in the Unable to Retrieve Table Data for the Checkpoint topic.

  • Fixed: The FindChildByXPath example in the Finding Web Objects Using XPath Expressions topic.

  • Fixed: Examples in the description of the LogTableData.RowCount property.

  • Removed: The description of the unavailable property Task.RemoteLogStatus.

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