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Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

The Start Page panel provides an easy way to access or create projects. It also contains links that will help you get acquainted with TestComplete or contact SmartBear Support Team. To open the Start Page panel, from the TestComplete main menu, select View > Start Page or Help > Start Page.

The table below contains the list of items of the Start Page panel.

Item Description
Record Test Starts the recording.

If no project is open in TestComplete, the Record Test wizard will guide you through creating and configuring a test project to which your test will be added.

New Project Adds a new project to the current project suite. If no project suite is currently open, it creates a new project suite and adds a new project to it.
Open Project Opens an existing TestComplete project via the standard Open File dialog.
Samples Provides a list of built-in TestComplete samples. Click a sample to open it.
Getting Started Provides links to materials that will help you get acquainted with TestComplete. For instance, Getting Started tutorials.
Recent Projects Contains the list of recently modified TestComplete projects with the dates when these projects were created.

Other Links and Resources

  • Documentation – Opens the TestComplete online documentation.

  • Technical Support – Opens the New Support Request online form which you can use to contact our Support Team.

  • Free Training – Opens the SmartBear Academy page where you can register for TestComplete and other SmartBear products' classes.

  • Community Topics – Shows a list of TestComplete Community topics that might be useful for you.

Note: Additional resources described above are available only if your computer has an Internet connection.

If you have a time-limited license of TestComplete (for example, a Trial or a subscription license for an add-on) that is to expire in less than 30 days, the page shows how many days are left.

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