Unable to display the Mobile Screen window

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

The Mobile Screen window is used to view the screen of the mobile devices connected to TestComplete and to record tests for mobile applications. TestComplete displays this message when you are trying to invoke the Mobile Screen window, but no plugins that can be used for testing mobile applications are installed or active.

What Plugins Are Needed

TestComplete supports testing of Android and iOS mobile applications. It includes the following plugins for this:

  • Mobile Support

  • Android Support

  • iOS Support

You may also have some TestComplete extension packages installed that provide support for other mobile applications. For information on the plugins that are needed for testing these applications, see the documentation on these extensions.

TestComplete displays this error message if it has found no plugins used for testing mobile applications.

How to Check and Enable the Plugins

To determine if the needed plugins are installed and enabled:

  1. From the TestComplete main menu, select File | Install Extensions. This will invoke the Install Extensions dialog. This dialog displays a list of installed TestComplete plugins.

  2. Check whether the needed plugins are in the list and whether they are enabled.

    • If you are testing an Android application: the Mobile Support and the Android Support plugins should be in the list and enabled.

    • If you are testing an iOS application: the Mobile Support and the iOS Support plugins should be in the list and enabled.

  3. If some of the required plugins is in the list, but is inactive, enable it by selecting its check box.

    If some required plugin is not in the list, reinstall TestComplete. If the plugin is provided by some extension package (not by TestComplete), reinstall this package.

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