Applies to TestComplete 14.30, last modified on November 21, 2019

This topic lists common tasks you may need to accomplish when creating and running tests for mobile applications.

Common Tasks Specific to the Android and iOS Platforms

Geolocation Testing and Sensors

Describes how to work with data of GPS and other sensors in your tests.

Verifying the Mobile Platform (OS Type)

Describes how to determine whether the current mobile device is an Android or an iOS device.

Checking the Android and iOS Version

Explains how to retrieve the version of operating system installed on a mobile device.

Getting Device's Screen Resolution

Describes how to determine the screen resolution of a mobile device.

Checking Device Screen Orientation

Describes how to determine whether the device is in portrait or landscape mode.

Simulating Screen Rotation

Describes how to simulate screen rotation in your tests.

Capturing Screenshots of a Mobile Device's Screen

Explains how to capture a screenshot of a mobile device's screen.

Running Tests on Multiple Devices

Describes how to execute the same test on multiple mobile devices.

Adapting Tests to Mobile Devices of Different Types

Describes several approaches to adapting mobile tests to mobile devices of different types.

Common Tasks Specific to the Android Platform

Working With Files on an Android Device

Explains how to access files and folders on an Android device.

Checking the Battery Level on Android Devices

Explains how to retrieve the battery charge level.

Working With Android Device Settings During Test Run

Explains how to change device settings during a test.

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