Testing Enterprise Applications

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

An enterprise application is a software solution (or a suite of solutions) designed to manage business processes in a distributed environment of a large organization. The workflow that such applications manage usually can be very complex, and data they handle is usually highly sensible. That is why delivering consistent performance for such applications can be crucial. Involving automated testing into the quality assurance process can save a lot of time, efforts, and resources.

TestComplete provides means of automated testing for a wide range of applications created with a large number of technologies and targeting various platforms. You can view the full list of them in Supported Development Tools.

With TestComplete, you can:

  • Create automated tests for workflow scenarios and business processes in a tested enterprise application.

  • Use various validation operations (checkpoints) to make sure that the application functions as expected.

  • Get complete information on test results and the overall testing status by using various logs, reports, and charts.

This section describes how to create automated tests for the most commonly used enterprise applications.

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