Working With iOS Table View Controls

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

A table view control is used to provide a user with:

  • Structured data

  • The ability to navigate through data

The topics of this section contain detailed information on working with table view controls in TestComplete and provide sample scripts.

Note: The described support is available only if the tested iOS application and the computer where TestComplete is running have been prepared for testing in a special way. See Preparing Applications, Devices and Test Computers for iOS Testing.

In This Section

Working With Table View Controls - Basic Concepts

Describes the general principles of working with table view controls in TestComplete.

Working With Objects in Table View Items

Explains how to work with objects that are placed within table view.

Selecting Table View Items

Explains how to select the items from tests.

Getting Section, Item, Detail Text in TableView

Explains how to get the text of the items from tests.

Iterating Through Table View Items

Explains how to iterate through items tests.

Using Coordinates to Touch Table View Items

Explains how to touch a specific point within the item from tests.

Scrolling Table View

Explains how to scroll table view.

Working with Table View in Paging Mode

Explains how to work with table view in paging mode.

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