ReadyAPI Virtualization Licenses

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

Service virtualization is available to all users of ReadyAPI.

Base virtualization functionality is available for free to any user who has any ReadyAPI license (for instance, basic virtualization features are available for ReadyAPI Test users).

ReadyAPI Virtualization licenses allow you to take advantage of all the virtualization features. See the differences below.

If you do not have the ReadyAPI Virtualization license, you can order it on our web site now.

Base vs. ReadyAPI Virtualization Licenses
Feature Base ReadyAPI Virtualization
Creating REST and SOAP virtual services
Running Virtual Services
Setting response contents
Dispatching responses
(selecting a response)
Creating JMS, TCP, and JDBC virtual services
Recording Virtual Services (Discovering)
(recording requests and responses of existing APIs)
Routing requests
(forwarding incoming requests to an existing API)
(inserting data from data sources into response headers and body)
Behavior settings
(simulating erroneous behavior and the server and network performance)
Deploying to VirtServer
(running virtual services on a remote computer with VirtServer)

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