About JMS Messages

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

ReadyAPI provides support for the TextMessage and BytesMessage objects (for outgoing messages) and for the TextMessage, BytesMessage and MapMessage objects (for incoming messages).

Message Headers

In the JMS Header panel, you can select the Send As BytesMessage check box and convert messages to the BytesMessage format.

The Send as Bytes message

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Also, if a request has an attachment, it will be used as the payload of the message.

Selecting the Message Type

If the content type of the attachment is text, plain or xml, then this attachment will be sent as TextMessage, unless you remove selection from the Send As BytesMessage check box.

When you receive a BytesMessage message, its payload will be displayed in the XML response editor if it is an XML document, or it will be displayed as a response attachment if it is not an XML document.

JMS Encoding Errors

Due to a currently unresolved bug, EBCIDIC requests are not properly encoded even if the encoding property is set to IM-037.

As a workaround, add explicit encoding to the vmoptions file by using the following line:


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