AWS Signature

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

Use the AWS signature to add authentication information to your requests to the Amazon Web Services. It adds authentication information to the Authorization header.

ReadyAPI supports only Signature Version 4.
Tip: ReadyAPI stores the AWS Signature authorization profiles in the Authorization manager, so you can later apply them to other requests or test steps. Also, you can use such profiles to specify different authorization settings in various environments.
AWS Signature

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  • Access key - Your access key.

  • Secret access key - A secret access key for the specified access key.

  • Region - The code of the region to which you want to send a request (for example, us-east-1 or eu-central-1). View the list of available regions on the Amazon website.

  • Service name - The namespace of the AWS service to which you want to send a request (em2, iam, s3, and so on). View the list of namespaces on the Amazon website.

  • Security token - A security token that is required if you use temporary security credentials.

  • Headers to sign - Adds the specified headers to the process of getting the signature. Use the toolbar buttons to configure the list:

    Add a new header.
    Remove the selected header.
    Clear the list.
    Rename the selected header.

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