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Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

Use the Statistics page to get additional information about the current test run, check the statistics of previous test runs or compare the results of different test runs. The information on this page is more accurate than the statistics on the Load page. If ReadyAPI gets information with a delay, it will update the corresponding statistics to display accurate results.

API load testing with ReadyAPI: The Statistics Page

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You can also view recent results of load test runs on the Load Test Results tile on the Dashboard. If you do not have this tile on the Dashboard, you can add it any time.


To use the Statistics page, you need a ReadyAPI Performance license. If you do not have it, you can request it on our web site.

Add Statistics

Click to add statistics as a graph or to add statistics as a table. The Add Statistic dialog will open. For more information about working with this dialog, see Adding and Configuring Statistics Groups.

Change the Viewed Test Run

To change the test run for which the statistics are displayed, select the test run you need from the Run drop-down list. The statistics groups you have already added will now display the results of the selected test run.

The number of test runs to save and display in the Run drop-down list is set by the Maximum number of test executions to be saved option.

You cannot access statistics for test steps removed from the load test. Load Test statistics will still include the data for these steps.

Add Metadata

You can add a comment to test run results to identify them when selecting from the Run drop-down list. Click and specify the text that will be displayed on the list.

Remove Statistics

To remove statistics, select the one you want to remove and click .

This only removes statistics from the page, it does not delete stored data. You can always add the removed statistics back.

Compare Test Runs

You can compare test run results against other stored test runs. Click on the toolbar and select the test runs you want to compare. See Comparing Results for details.

Export Data

There are several ways you can export data you collected:

Stored Results Location

Load test results are stored in databases that are located in the <user folder>/.readyapi/loadui/results folder. ReadyAPI creates a separate folder with a database for each project you run. You can change the number of results stored in each database from Performance Testing settings.

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