Performance Testing

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

This topic describes the options specific to ReadyAPI Performance.

These settings are stored in the soapui-settings.xml file that is located in the user folder. For ReadyAPI Performance distributed tests, you can copy this file to the agent computer for the agent. To change the maximum number of threads on the computer, change the <con:setting id="UISettings@maxThreads">1000</con:setting> value.

To configure the ReadyAPI Performance options:

  1. Click on the ReadyAPI toolbar.

  2. Select the Performance Testing tab in the left part of the ReadyAPI Preferences window and configure the needed options.

The available options and their descriptions are in the table below.

Option Description
Max number of internal threads The number of concurrent threads.
Max size of the internal thread queue The number of threads to queue.
Path to statistics results (affects all projects) The folder where the test result statistics are saved.
Maximum number of test executions to be saved The number of test run results to save and display in the Run drop-down list on the Statistics page. If you set 0, no results will be saved, and the Run drop-down list will be empty.
Warn about old names of statistics metrics If selected, ReadyAPI will warn you if you open a project with the old names of the statistics metrics. It may happen if the project was saved in the ReadyAPI version prior to 3.4.0. The warning message shows you the new names of the found metrics. Disable this option to stop showing this warning.
Show the Cloud Test Price dialog If selected, the price dialog appears when you start a cloud test.

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