WildFly (JBoss) Monitor

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

You use WildFly monitors to check metrics of your WildFly servers.


  • Copy the jboss-cli-client.jar library to the <ReadyAPI installation>\bin\ext installation> folder. You can find it in the <WildFly installation>\bin\client folder.

  • Use the management user account to connect to the server. See WildFly documentation for information about adding users.

Monitor Settings

The monitor has the following settings:

  • Port – The port used to communicate with the server.

  • User name – The user account ReadyAPI uses to connect to the server.

  • Password – The password used to connect to the server.

Frequently Used Metrics

The WildFly monitor provides information about how users interact with the WildFly server. ReadyAPI displays the following statistics in charts by default:

  • VM Threading – Thread Count – The number of threads created on a virtual machine. Monitor this metric to get information about the number of created threads.

  • VM Memory – Used – The amount of the virtual machine memory used by the server to process requests. You want this metric below 80% to ensure there is a reserve for more virtual users. If it is too high, add more memory to the machine. It may also require adding more physical memory.

Other Metrics

ReadyAPI Performance can access the runtime metrics of applications running on the WildFly server. Below is an example of typical metrics you will get:

Category Description Metrics
Application Sessions Information about application sessions on the server. Active Sessions
Expired Sessions
Max Active Sessions
Rejected Sessions
Session Avg Alive Time
Session Max Alive Time
Created Sessions
Thread Pools Information about thread collections used to execute asynchronous callbacks. Current Thread Count
Active Thread Count
Largest Thread Count
Queue Size
Task Count
Completed Task Count
Rejected Task Count
EJB3 Information about Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.0. Execution Time
Invocation Count
Peak Concurrent Invocation Count
Pool Current Size
Pool Max Size
Pool Available Count
Pool Created Count
Pool Removed Count
Data Source Connections Information about connections to data sources. Available Count
Active Count
Created Count
Destroyed Count
In Use Count
Max Used Count
Waiting Request Count
Max Waiting Request Count
Max Waiting Time
Data Source Caches Information about cached data sources. Access Count
Hit Count
Miss Count
Cache Size
Added Statement Count
Deleted Statement Count
Transactions Information about transactions executed by the server. Aborted Count
Application Rollback Count
Committed Count
Heuristic Count
Inflight Count
Nested Count
Resource Rollback Count
Timed Out Count
Transaction Count
JMS Queues Information about JMS queues that are used to balance the load. Consumer Count
Delivering Count
Message Count
Added Message Count
Scheduled Message Count
JMS Topics Information about JMS topics where messages are published. Delivering Count
Message Count
Added Message Count
Subscription Count
Durable Message Count
Durable Subscription Count
Non Durable Message Count
Non Durable Subscription Count
Undertow Servers Information about the undertow subsystem responsible for the server. Request Count
Error Count
Max Processing Time
Total Processing Time
Sent Bytes
Received Bytes
Undertow Servlets Information about the undertow subsystem responsible for the servlets. Request Count
Max Request Time
Min Request Time
Total Request Time
Operating System Information about the computer running JVM. Swap Space Total
Physical Memory Total
Virtual Memory Committed
Swap Space Free
System CPU Load
Physical Memory Free
VM Garbage Collector Information about the garbage collector. Collection Count
Collection Time
VM Memory Information about memory usage on the virtual machine. Heap Memory Used (%)
Heap Memory Committed
Heap Memory Max
Heap Memory Used
VM Threading Information about threads on a virtual machine. Total Started Thread Count
Daemon Thread Count
Peak Thread Count
Thread Count

Additional Information

You can find more information about working with the WildFly server in the WildFly documentation.

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