Features Added to ReadyAPI 3.43.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.43, last modified on January 25, 2023

Important Notices for ReadyAPI Customers:

From October 2023, we won't provide file-based licensing. Instead, we will replace it with SmartBear ID-based licensing - SmartBear ID-based licenses are a new license management option that we started using in ReadyAPI 3.8.1. It is more reliable and convenient than the before-used license type. This notice is to alert all users that we are phasing out the previous licensing model in October 2023. As we approach this milestone, we're encouraging customers to transition over. Now is the time to start planning that transition. You should immediately engage with your SmartBear Account Manager to understand the steps involved in transitioning and getting started. Please read here to learn more.

ReadyAPI 3.43.0 includes a few changes as compared to the previous version of the product – ReadyAPI 3.42.2. For information on the changes made to other versions, see Version History.

Updated Plugins

VirtService Deployment

  • From now on, you can deploy the same VirtService on the same VirtServer multiple times in the ReadyAPI GUI by drag and drop. ReadyAPI will automatically create a copy of that service, assigning it a unique service ID and access port.

Enhanced Offline Key Request Process

  • We streamlined the offline activation/deactivation key request process by using a web form instead of email. From now on, to activate/deactivate an offline license, please follow this link

Please see here for a list of fixes and security vulnerabilities included in this patch.

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