Features Added to ReadyAPI 3.42.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

Important Notices for ReadyAPI Customers:

  • In 12 months, file-based licensing will no longer be available and will be fully replaced by SmartBear ID-based licensing - SmartBear ID-based licenses are a new license management option that we started using in ReadyAPI 3.8.1. It is more reliable and convenient than the license type used in the previous product versions. This notice is to alert all users that the previous licensing model will be retired in October 2023. As we approach this milestone, we're actively encouraging customers to transition over, and now is the time to start planning that transition. You should engage with your SmartBear Account Manager immediately to understand the steps involved in transitioning and get started. Please read here to learn more.

  • State of Software Quality 2022 is available - Please take a few minutes to complete our annual survey. Your feedback helps shape the future of API design, documentation, and governance.

ReadyAPI 3.42.0 includes a few changes as compared to the previous version of the product – ReadyAPI 3.41.1. For information on the changes made to other versions, see Version History.


  • From 3.42.0, you can see the License Number and the Number of VUs corresponding to the license that you are about to install or that you have installed. (RIA-19646)

  • From this version, you can use and insert Property Expansions in the OAuth2.0 Authentication types via the Get Data menu. (RIA-120)

  • We have updated the Navigation Panel in ReadyAPI Documentation to make it easier to find the most commonly used topics.

Kafka Authentication

  • We have added support for OAuth2.0 for Kafka in ReadyAPI. (RIA-19584)

  • We have added a new feature for the users to configure a Kafka subscriber to consume the messages published only after that subscriber was connected. (RIA-19964)

Load Testing

  • We have added support for the users to invoke external test cases in isolation from within a Groovy script step. This will enable the users to use groovy scripts with shared resources in Load Test scenarios.

    • Created a public method (.getTestCaseCloneByName("Other Test Case Name")) to get a WsdlTestCase clone by its name in groovy scripts, allowing to invoke external test cases in isolation while running performance tests. (RIA-19558)

    • We have added the possibility to stop a Load Test when one of its Data Sources is exhausted. (RIA-19794)

Security Updates

  • We have updated Security Patch for the OpenSSL 3.0.7. (RIA-20105)

  • The Jira plugin was updated to support the latest Jira versions (8.x and 9.2). (RIA-19744)

  • New Security updates for the Jira, Postman, and AWS plugins. (RIA-19758, RIA-19759, RIA-19785)


We have fixed a few bugs reported by our customers.

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