Features Added to Ready! API 1.8

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Ready! API 1.8.

Ready! API Platform

  • New License Manager interface. (API-4124)

  • The Project overview in the Projects tool was improved. It now shows information about the number of tests in the project, the number of success and failure results, and the date/time of the last test run. (SOAP-5080)

  • The Projects tool now uses tabbed interface, same as in SoapUI NG. (API-3911)

  • A number of bugs have been fixed.


  • OAuth 1.0 is now supported. (SOAP-5528)

  • You can now import Postman collections and tests into Ready! API. (SOAP-5525)
    Postman import is provided by a built-in plugin.

  • Swagger is now supported using a built-in plugin. You can still open your Swagger definitions and create tests for them out of the box. (SOAP-5693)

  • Property expansions are now automatically updated when you rename the property they refer to. (SOAP-5524)

  • The REST VirtResponse test step has a new property Start Step that specifies at which step in the test case this VirtResponse should start "listening" for a request. (SOAP-5279)

  • You can now manage test case tags on the Project level. (SOAP-5076)

  • You can now jump from the REST Request test step to the corresponding request in the Projects tool. To do this, right-click the test step and select Open Request Editor, or select the test step and press Shift-Enter.

  • Various interface improvements:

    • The SOAP VirtResponse test step now displays the path and port of the virt. (SOAP-5348)

    • Added hints for novice users about the features that can help improve tests. (SOAP-5117, SOAP-5076)

    • Improved the REST Request interface. The Endpoint, Method and Resource path fields are now on a single line. (SOAP-4765)

    • You can now resize int fields in the Form editor of SOAP Request test steps. (SOAP-1046)

    • Redesigned Transaction Log interface. (SOAP-5270)

    • New feedback dialog when you import a project. (SOAP-5162)

  • The RawRequest custom property of the SOAP Request, REST Request and HTTP Request test steps now includes request headers too. (SOAP-5349)

  • You can now quickly add an API definition from SoapUI NG without switching to the Projects tool.

  • A number of bugs have been fixed.


  • Added the Spike and Smoke load templates. (LOADUI-4427)

  • You can now search for metrics in the Add Statistics dialog. (LOADUI-4418)

  • The column width in the Transaction log is now saved between sessions. (LOADUI-4322)

  • You can now monitor Java Virtual Machines (JVM). Make sure to prepare the JVM for testing. (LOADUI-4396)

  • You can now filter requests in the Transaction Log by using Groovy script filters. (LOADUI-4150)

  • You can now change the ports used to connect to LoadUI Agent and LoadUI Cloud Agent. (LOADUI-4282)

  • Setup and Teardown scripts can now access the virtRunner object. Use this object to start virts before your test run, and stop them afterwards. (LOADUI-2979)

  • A number of bugs have been fixed.


  • The new Security Issues Report lists all security vulnerabilities that were found during the test run (in the PDF format). (API-1529)
  • A number of bugs have been fixed.

ReadyAPI Virtualization

  • Conditional routing: Requests can now be routed based on scripted conditions. (API-4980)

  • It is now easier to manage a large number of virts deployed to VirtServer. You can:

    • Tag virts to find them quickly (API-3933),

    • Search for virts by name, tags, URL, port or run status (API-4895),

    • View virts as a table. (API-4823)

  • A number of bugs have been fixed.


  • You can now save the VirtServer transaction log in the HAR format. (API-4798)
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