Bug Fixes in Ready! API 1.8

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

In version 1.8, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:

Ready! API Platform

  • Ready! API could stop responding when working with large requests in the Form editor. (API-4166)

  • Ready! API did not delete temporary dependencies when run from the command line. (API-4597)

  • Licenses could get corrupted if the letter case of the user name was changed or if you changed the user name on your computer. (API-4418)

  • Clicking Finish during offline deactivation could render the license unusable. (API-4622)

  • In certain cases, Ready! API could mistakenly recognize a license key as deactivated and could display the "The license has already been deactivated" message when you attempt to deactivate an active license. (API-4554)

  • Improved the error text when trying to check out a Floating license with a period that starts in the future. (API-4786)

  • When saving a composite project, Ready! API overwrote all the test cases' files regardless of whether these test cases had changes to save or not. (API-4889)

  • When saving a composite project after restarting Ready! API, the latter duplicates project files in a subfolder of the project folder. (API-4643)

  • Fixed performance issues when opening composite projects caused by extra temporary files being created. (API-5065)

  • Ready! API sometimes hung when closing composite projects. (API-5195)

  • In some projects, it was impossible to reorder test cases and test suites. (API-4638)

  • Ready! API did not switch between workspaces and removes all projects from the current workspace, if you selected No in the "Save projects before switching workspace dialog" that appears on selecting the File Switch Workspace menu item. (API-4947)

  • The Maven plugin did not delete temporary files in certain cases. (API-4363)

  • The SwaggerHub Import/Export plugin could not be installed. (API-4677)

  • In some cases, the Git plugin was unable to save changes to a GIT repository. (API-4360)

  • The fields at the top of the Projects Request Editor appeared truncated at 125% magnification. (API-4957)

  • Ready! API could not start if the built-in proxy could not start. (API-5050)


  • The Discard OK Results option did not mention that Assertion test steps would fail if this option is enabled. (SOAP-5213)

  • Closing and reopening the project moved it to the bottom of Navigator. (SOAP-5221)

  • RawRequest and RawResponce were inconsistent with each other. (SOAP-5349)

  • A response's JSON tab displayed floating-point values without fractions. (SOAP-5392)

  • Transaction log items did not look clickable. (SOAP-5435)

  • The JDBC DataSource test step configured in Ready! API 1.4.1 and earlier failed when run in later versions. (SOAP-5451)

  • Using multiple JDBC connections in test steps could cause memory issues. (API-5127)

  • An exception occurred when the endpoint URL contained illegal characters. (SOAP-5463)

  • It was impossible to save projects with spaces in data source property names. (SOAP-5516)

  • When exporting Swagger definitions, there was no notification about rewriting the file. (SOAP-5517)

  • Refactoring a SOAP definition caused an exception. (SOAP-5526)

  • Property expansions working with REST payload were executed twice. (SOAP-5536, SOAP-5578)

  • The XPath Match assertion was always valid if the expected value was empty. (SOAP-5552)

  • The Run TestCase test step failed if the target test case had an Assertion test step. (SOAP-5555)

  • Clearing the Log Output section of a Groovy Script test step caused an exception. (SOAP-5567)

  • Ready! API did not log an error, if a Groovy script statement referred to a missing response field. (SOAP-5692)

  • Trying to add a new REST service to the project could sometimes cause an empty error message to appear. (SOAP-5568)

  • Ready! API added headers multiple times when redirecting requests. (SOAP-5573)

  • Removing XML values in the Form editor could sometimes remove XML nodes as well. (SOAP-5574)

  • There was no Add as REST VirtResponse step command in the REST request context menu in the Projects tool. (SOAP-5576)

  • Adding a new resource overwrote the active environment endpoint. (SOAP-5577)

  • Imported Swagger definitions did not contain payload. (SOAP-5588)

  • Redirects with HTTP status 303 were followed with a POST request instead of GET. (SOAP-5591)

  • The JSON Path assertions containing the @ character did not work. (SOAP-5602)

  • The JSONPath Match assertion did not extract data for certain JSON path expressions. (SOAP-5800)

  • Changing the Auth Profile for an interface did not change the Auth Profile for the interface's requests. (SOAP-5612)

  • TestRunner reported an error if the endpoint was specified using global properties. (SOAP-5634)

  • Having more expected results than properties in XPath Data Generator caused an exception. (SOAP-5637)

  • TestRunner did not display the exit code after the test was finished. (SOAP-5642)

  • The project overview in the Projects tool did not include the number of REST Virts. (SOAP-5645)

  • There was no warning when the test tried to use a non-existent environment. (SOAP-5652)

  • WS-Security settings set in the Authorization panel were not saved. (SOAP-5672)

  • JDBC Request converted all received SQL column names to the upper case. (SOAP-5676)

  • It was impossible to reorder requests after disabling and re-enabling the Sort REST resources in Navigator alphabetically option. (SOAP-5745)


  • Failed assertions were displayed as successful in maven surefire reports. (LOADUI-4307)

  • The scenario scheduler did not work for the rate load type. (LOADUI-4452)

  • Request contents were not displayed in the Transaction Log inspector. (LOADUI-4477)

  • Data source start and end rows were not taken into account during load tests. (LOADUI-4487)

  • Load test reports could not be generated for composite projects. (LOADUI-4499)

  • Transaction log was empty on computers with insufficient memory. (LOADUI-4547)

  • Sometimes distributed tests were not started on remote agents. (LOADUI-4588)


  • The Errors Only log option did not work sometimes. (API-4995)

ReadyAPI Virtualization

  • Virts' script dispatcher was unable to retrieve contents from the requests with the application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type. (API-4905)

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